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Club Live 100

Become a member of the Zepter Loyalty Program and enjoy the unbelievable offers and benefits

Easy access to your customer account

Sign up to monitor your profits and the list of friends recruited to Club Live 100, all in one place.

Club Live 100 Zepter Mobile App Image
Club Live 100 Zepter Mobile App Image

Access to the entire zepter catalogue, all in one place.

Find out more about our products and the core Zepter philosophy of improving your health, and living a healthier lifestyle.

Payment Methods

Choose a way to pay that suits you the most:

  • Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • Installments in advance
  • Free Delivery
Club Live 100 Zepter Mobile App Image
Club Live 100 Zepter Mobile App Image

Your Favourite products

Tap the star on your favourite products, and save them to your favourites list for easy access and overview


Cook food in a healtier, toxin free, way. Follow our blogs and enjoy the excellent recipies that we have prepared for you

How to download and install the application in a few easy steps?

Club Live 100 Zepter Mobile App Image
Club Live 100 Zepter Mobile App Image

Social Networking

Share your favourite products on social media and invite friends and acquaintances to join Club Live 100.

Joining the Zepter club entitles you to the following:

What is Club Live 100?

Club Live 100 is a special Loyalty program that allows you accesss to incredible discounts for our various top quality products and services. Registration is free, and with our new mobile application, it is now faster than ever to sign up!

But wait, that's not all!

Using our application, you can invite and recruit an unlimited number of friends, and you will receive an 8% premium on the first purchase of every successful recruit!

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The additional benefits of Club Live 100

  • Up to a 10% discount on Zepter products
  • 50 hours of education a year, and access to professional information regarding the latest medical and scientific research relating to individual health
  • Access to advice from physicians and expets in the fields of beauty and health
  • Personalised invitations to medical seminars and congresses
  • Special promoted prices on products
  • A 10% discount on all Zepter hotel services
  • Two free laser examinations yearly, as well as nutritional consultations. All in the Zepter Medical offices
  • Three free BIOPTRON Light therapy sessions
  • Up to a 20% discount on Zepter cosmetics
  • The ability to recruit an infinite number of people into Club Live 100, and to receive an 8% premium for their first purchase
  • Job Offers that members of Club Live 100 have priority for
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